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UltraVideo® Composite Video Cable

This product is discontinued.

P/N: B028C-013B - 13ft (4m) / Installer Bag (Sold out)
P/N: B028C-007B - 6.6ft (2m) / Blister (Sold out)
P/N: B028C-007B-42 - 6.6ft (2m) / Installer Bag (Sold out)
P/N: B028C-006F-2 - 6ft / Installer Bag (Sold out)

Outstanding Connectivity

The Accell UltraVideo composite video cable is perfect for use with TV's, projectors, DVD players, VCR's and receivers. This high performance cable features 24K gold-plated RCA connectors for a solid, corrosion resistant connection. Its gold-plated split-tip center pins provides greater contact pressure for improved signal transfer.

UltraVideo Composite Video Cable

The UltraVideo composite cable uses a specially wound, high-purity copper conductors. This construction provides extremely low signal loss and a smooth, pure video signal.

Accell UltraVideo composite cables are designed to eliminate signal degradation and video noise that can reduce the quality of your picture. Our 100% foil shield and precision copper braid reject outside EM and RF interference, and the low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric provides extremely efficient signal transfer even over long cable lengths.

Composite Video Cable

  • 24K gold-plated split tip center pins and connectors to maximize conductivity
  • Double metal shielding rejects outside interference
  • High purity copper conductor delivers the clearest video signal
  • Low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric insulation to maximize signal strength
  • Rated to comply with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) CL2 standard (select models only)

UltraVideo Cables Feature Superior Construction

Accell UltraVideo high-resolution video cables offer superb performance and reliability. Featuring high quality materials and construction, this UltraVideo cable provides the sharpest, most detailed images possible.

Warranty: Lifetime Replacement



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