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UltraVideo® Component Video Cable

This product is discontinued.

P/N: B027C-003B - 3.3ft (1m) (Sold out)
P/N: B027C-005B - 5ft (1.5m) (Sold out)
P/N: B027C-006F-2 - 6ft (Sold out)
P/N: B027C-007B - 6.6ft (2m) (Sold out)

Superior Construction and Design

The Accell UltraVideo component video cable is an ideal cable for use with your HD TV, projector or any device that uses a component video connection. This high performance cable features 24K gold-plated RCA connectors for a solid, corrosion resistant connection. It also features gold-plated split-tip center pins for greater contact pressure delivering optimum signal transfer.

UltraVideo Component Video Cable

The UltraVideo component cable uses a specially wound, high-purity copper conductor for efficient video transfer. This construction provides extremely low signal loss and a smooth, linear video signal. Accell UltraVideo component cables are designed to eliminate signal degradation and video noise for improved picture quality. Our 100% foil shield and precision copper braid reject outside EM and RF interference. Our low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric provides extremely efficient signal transfer even over the longest cable runs.

Component Video Cable

  • 24K gold-plated split tip center pins and connectors to maximize conductivity
  • Double metal shielding rejects outside interference
  • High purity copper conductor delivers the clearest video signal
  • Low-loss nitrogen-injected dielectric insulation to maximize signal strength
  • Rated to comply with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) CL2 standard (select models only)

UltraVideo Cables Feature Superior Construction

Accell UltraVideo high-resolution video cables offer superb performance and reliability. Featuring high-quality materials and construction, this UltraVideo cable provides the sharpest, most detailed images possible.

Warranty: Lifetime Replacement



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