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UltraAV® Series HDMI Cable

P/N: B041C-003B - 3.3ft (1m) / Blister (Sold out)
P/N: B041C-003B-42 - 3.3ft (1m) / Poly Bag (Sold out)
P/N: B041C-003F-2 - 3ft (0.9m) / Poly Bag
P/N: B041C-006F-2 - 6ft (1.8m) / Poly Bag
P/N: B041C-007B - 6.6ft (2m) / Blister (Sold out)
P/N: B041C-007B-42 - 6.6ft (2m) / Poly Bag
P/N: B041C-009F-2 - 9ft (2.7m) / Poly Bag
P/N: B041C-010B - 10ft (3m) / Blister
P/N: B041C-013B - 13ft (4m) / Blister
P/N: B041C-016B - 16ft (5m) / Blister
P/N: B041C-016B-42 - 16.4ft (5m) / Poly Bag
P/N: B041C-025B - 24.5ft (7.5m) / Blister
P/N: B041C-025B-43 - 25.5ft (7.5m) / White Box
P/N: B041C-032B - 32.5ft (10m) / Blister (Sold out)
P/N: B041C-032B-43 - 32.5ft (10m) / White Box
P/N: B041C-050B-43 - 49.5ft (15m) / White Box
P/N: B041C-065B-43 - 66ft (20m) / White Box

Easily Connects All HDMI Components

The Accell UltraAV HDMI cables are designed to the latest HDMI specifications. UltraAV cables are available in lengths from 1m (3.3ft.) to 20m (65ft.), providing the perfect length for most any HDMI cable installation. Featuring UL Listed and CL3 rated cable, the UltraAV cables are ideal for residential or commercial use.

UltraAV HDMI Cables up to 65 Feet

The Accell UltraAV HDMI cables are designed to the latest HDMI specifications. The 1m (3.3ft.) through 5m (16.4ft.) lengths are compliant to the HDMI High Speed specifications. Delivering throughput of up to 10.2 Gbps (340 MHz), the UltraAV cables will support resolutions of up to 4K @24/30Hz, including 1080p. and 3D video formats.

The UltraAV HDMI cables in both 7.5m (25.5ft.) and 10m (32.5ft.) lengths support a total throughput of 6.75 Gbps (225 MHz). They are compatible with HD resolutions of up to 1080p and 3D video video formats.

Due to the long length of the 15m (50ft.) and 20m (65ft.) cables, they provide a maximum throughput of 4.95 Gbps (165 MHz) and are rated at Standard Speed. These long length cables support HD resolutions of up to 1080i.

UltraAV Cables are HDMI Compliant

Digital Data Transfer Rate:

  • 10.2 Gbps (1m-5m): Supports HD resolutions up to 4K @24/30Hz, 1080p & 3D
  • 6.75 Gbps (7.5m-10m): Supports HD resolutions up to 1080p and 3D
  • 4.95 Gbps (15m and 20m): Supports all HD resolutions up to 1080i
  • Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ Compatible
  • Supports Deep Color Technology For Billions of Colors 

UltraAV Cables Feature Superior Construction

Accell UltraAV cables offer superb performance and reliability. Featuring high-quality materials and construction, these cables will optimize the performance of your audio/video system.

Warranty: Lifetime Replacement



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