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UltraAudio™ CL3 Rated Speaker Cable Bulk Spool - 16 Gauge

This product is discontinued.

P/N: B109B-100F - 100ft (30m) (Sold out)
P/N: B109B-250F - 250ft (76.25m) (Sold out)

Designed for Outstanding Audio Performance

Accell UltraAudio Class 3 (CL3) rated, UL Listed speaker cable is designed to provide outstanding audio clarity to your stereo or home theater system. The cables soft and flexible jacket provides easy routing while its white colored jacket blends in nicely with light colored walls. The UL Listed, CL3 rated jacket is ideal for in-wall installation. This UltraAudio speaker cable is available in 16-gauge conductor size and two spool lengths.

UltraAudio CL3 Rated Speaker Cable Bulk Spool - 16 Gauge

Accell cables are designed to eliminate signal degradation and noise that can diminish the quality of your sound. Our 99.99% pure copper speaker cable resists the corrosion found on ordinary speaker cables and delivers improved dynamics and unrestricted high frequency response. The soft UltraFlex jacket makes cable routing through framing and drywall easy. It is durable, providing excellent cable protection even under extreme conditions.

CL3 Rated, UL Listed Speaker Cable - Bulk Spool

Accell UltraAudio high-resolution speaker cables offer superb performance and reliability. Featuring high-quality materials and a CL3 Rated, UL Listed jacket, this Accell UltraAudio cable will provide low signal loss for extremely accurate sound reproduction.

UltraAudio Cables Feature Superior Construction

  • Jacket Color: Simi-white matte
  • AWG: 16
  • Core: 3/40/0.12±0.008mm
  • Jacket: 4.0±0.1 x 8.0±0.2mm
  • Max. Rated Temp: 75℃
  • Jacket Material: PVC
  • UL Rating: CL3 UL 324516
  • RoHS: Yes

Warranty: Lifetime Replacement



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