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PowerSquid® Jr. Outlet Multiplier

P/N: D080B-018K - White
P/N: D080B-019K - Black

The PowerSquid Jr. Provides Additional Adapter Compatible Power Outlets

The PowerSquid Jr. Outlet Multiplier is a safe and easy way to convert 1 grounded wall outlet to 3 grounded adapter-compatible outlets. The PowerSquid Jr. accommodates up to 3 bulky transformer plugs with ease, providing more flexibility than a standard power strip.

PowerSquid Jr. Outlet Multiplier

Unlike a power strip, the power outlet arms on the PowerSquid® Jr. can help prevent damage to a power plug of a connected device. In the case of sudden pull force on a connected device's power cord, the flexible arms bend to the direction of the pull. The flexible power outlet arms bend to accommodate pull force from most any direction.

* Please Note: This model does NOT provide surge protection from electrical spikes or power surges.

No More Wasted Outlets!

  • Ideal for Home Use, Garage and Workshop
  • 3 Flexible Power Outlet Arms
  • 3 Foot Power Cord
  • Rugged ABS Housing
  • Available in Black or White

All Outlets Are Power Adapter Compatible

  • 125 Volts
  • 15 Amps
  • 3ft. 14 AWG Grounded Power Cord
  • Three Grounded Outlets
  • Amber Power LED

Warranty: Lifetime Replacement

Datasheet: Link



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