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April 20, 2016

Accell Stays Ahead of the Competition with Complete Line of USB-C Certified Products

Accell is staying ahead of developing technology by proudly offering an entire line of USB-C products. BizLink, Accell’s parent company and manufacturer of USB-C products, received USB-IF certification in 2015. With USB-IF certification, customer trust the performance and reliability of Accell's USB-C product line. The lifetime warranty on the certified product line guarantees long-lasting quality.

The tempting, low-cost offers often fail to perform up to specifications and some will actually damage users' expensive USB-C devices. Amazon recently noted this and took a major step to combat these risky, low-quality listings.

Accell takes great pride in offering high quality, dependable products and the USB-IF certified USB-C product line proves this once more.



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