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December 01, 2016

Accell's 2016 Christmas Sweepstakes

It's almost time for Accell's annual Christmas giveaway event: 12 days of Facebook contests for free prizes! The rules of entry for each giveaway will be announced on the Accell Facebook page the morning of each raffle.

12/14: Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to 2x DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hub

12/15: Home or Away Power Station - 3 Outlet Travel Surge Protector with 2x USB Charging Ports

12/16: USB-IF Certified USB-C Data Cable of your choice

12/17: Powramid Power Center - Surge Protector with 2x USB Charging Ports

12/18: Mini DisplayPort Y-Cable Docking Station

12/19: DisplayPort to VGA Active Adapter

12/20: USB-C to USB-A 3.0 Adapter with USB-C Rapid Charging Port

12/21: (Mini) DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI 2.0 Active Adapter

12/22: USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter

12/23: AVGrip® Pro Locking High Speed HDMI Cable

12/24: Powramid Air Power Center - Surge Protector with 2x USB Charging Ports

12/25 GRAND PRIZE: USB-C Mini Dock of your choice (VGA or HDMI 2.0)

November 30, 2016

Don't Miss Our 50% Holiday Sales!

Accell offers the biggest discounts of the year during holiday season. You won't find these prices anywhere else! Each sale is one day only, and each promo code is limited to 1 item per customer.

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50% off the 6-Foot PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier with promo code RUGGEDPOWER

50% off the Mini DisplayPort to 2x DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hub with promo code DOUBLEDISPLAY

50% off our Mini DisplayPort 1.1a Cables with promo code MDPCABLE

50% off our (Mini) DisplayPort to 3x DisplayPort Multi-Display MST Hubs with promo code TRIPLEDISPLAY

 50% off our PowerGenius Rotating-Outlet Surge Protectors with 2x USB Charging Ports using promo code DONTWASTEOUTLETS

 50% off select Multi-Display MST Hubs with promo code MULTIDISPLAY

 Up to 50% off all of our USB-IF Certified USB-C Data Cables/Adapters with promo code USBCCABLE

50% off the Mini DisplayPort Y-Cable Docking Station with promo code YDOCK

50% off our USB-C Adapter Hubs with promo code USBCHUB

 Up to 50% off all of our USB-C Display Solutions with promo code USBCDISPLAY

50% off the newly released Powramid Air with promo code POWRAMIDAIR

 Catch our after-Christmas Amazon Lightning Deals on our classic bestsellers: the Powramid Power Center and PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier!

April 20, 2016

Accell Stays Ahead of the Competition with Complete Line of USB-C Certified Products

Accell is staying ahead of developing technology by proudly offering an entire line of USB-C products. BizLink, Accell’s parent company and manufacturer of USB-C products, received USB-IF certification in 2015. With USB-IF certification, customer trust the performance and reliability of Accell's USB-C product line. The lifetime warranty on the certified product line guarantees long-lasting quality.

The tempting, low-cost offers often fail to perform up to specifications and some will actually damage users' expensive USB-C devices. Amazon recently noted this and took a major step to combat these risky, low-quality listings.

Accell takes great pride in offering high quality, dependable products and the USB-IF certified USB-C product line proves this once more.



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