UltraAV® 5x1 Audio/Video HDMI Switch

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For Use With All HDMI Audio and Video Devices

The Accell UltraAV 5x1 HDMI Switch is the perfect hub for all of your HDMI audio and video sources. It is designed for use in home theater, professional A/V and personal computer switching applications. The UltraAV switch is certified HDMI compliant, features a maximum throughput of 6.75Gbps and is compatible with all HDMI devices.

UltraAV 5x1 Audio/Video HDMI Switch

The UltraAV switch accepts output from up to five HDMI sources and enables selection of one output to be sent on to an HDMI device such as an HDTV or projector. Built-in auto-switching technology detects the active input and automatically switches to it. Or use the included ultra-slim remote control or manual push-button to easily switch between up to five HDMI source devices.

Built-in Signal Booster for Superior Signal Strength

The UltraAV 5x1 Switch features a built-in signal repeater. This repeater regenerates the audio and video signal allowing the use of up to a 49ft. HDMI cable from the switch’s HDMI output to an HDTV, projector or other HDMI device.

5x1 HDMI Audio/Video Switch

· Supports All Resolutions Including HD 1080p and 3D
· Fast Throughput of up to 6.75 Gbps (225MHz)
· 36-Bit Deep Color Support for Billions of Colors
· 3-Way Switching - Auto, Manual and Remote Control
· HDMI Authorized Test Center (ATC) Certified
· Works With all HDMI Devices - HDCP Compliant

5x1 Audio/Video HDMI Switch

Easily switch between five video sources using the included infrared remote, auto-switching or manually using the onboard push-button. For added flexibility the UltraAV Switch is designed to work with universal remote controls that have the "learn" feature.

· Connectors: 5-input/1-outputs, HDMI Type A female
· Supported resolutions: Up to 1080p
· 3D support: Yes
· Total data rate: 6.75Gbps (225MHz)
· Supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)
· Max. supported cable length: 5m (16ft.) ea. input and 15m (49ft.) output*
· Approximate size: 6.7"(W) x 3.8"(L) x 1.45"(H)
· Approximate weigh: 10.6 oz.
· Power: Adapter 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1A Max.
· Power: Operating 6V, 2A, 12W Max.

*Maximum cable length shown is for non-amplified HDMI cables. High quality, heavy-gauge HDMI cable or amplified HDMI cable will enable a longer cable run.

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Package Includes:

· 5x1 HDMI Switch
· Remote control with battery
· Power adapter
· Set-up instructions

Warranty: 1-Year Replacement

Remote Control or Power Adapter for UltraAV 5x1 Audio/Video HDMI Switch

Please note: Remote control and power adapter are for part number K072C-010B only, will not work with other HDMI switches or splitters.

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