Home or Away Power Station - 3 Outlet Travel Surge Protector

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Home or Away Power Station Travel Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging

The Home or Away Power Station is the ideal power solution for use at home or when traveling. It provides 612 Joules of surge protection to all connected devices. The Power Station features 3 surge protected grounded AC outlets and a folding power plug, providing a compact and portable design for maximum storage and travel convenience.

Home or Away Power Station - 3 Outlet Travel Surge Protector

Easily turn any grounded AC outlet into a USB charging station for your mobile devices. The two USB ports (2.1A, shared power) enable the charging of two items at once, perfect for charging mobile devices such as phones, tablets and MP3 players. The Home or Away Power Station features a LED indicator reporting that the connected equipment is protected.


Folding Power Plug is Ideal for Travel or Home

The folding grounded power plug folds flush with the housing making the product ultra compact and easy to pack for travel. The power plug is non-polarized, allowing compatibility with many more outlets than a polarized power plug.



Feature Packed for Outstanding Power Protection

The Accell Home or Away 3 outlet travel surge protector features a surge absorption capacity of 612 Joules for continuous power protection. Packed with features, it is ideal for home, office or for use when on the road.

· Three Transformer Space Outlets, Supports Bulky Transformers
· Provides 612 Joules of Absorption Capacity Surge Protection
· Two USB Charging Outlets for Charging Mobile Devices
· Folding Power Plug Makes Carrying When On-The-Go Easy
· Rugged, Impact Resistant Housing Protects During Travel
· Available in 2 Colors, White or Black

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Travel Surge Protector with Dual USB Charging

The Home or Away Power Station is designed to protect sensitive electronics at home or when you are on the road. It's rugged impact resistant housing helps defend against the unavoidable bumps and knocks that occur during travel.

· Electrical Rating: 120V, 15Amps, 1800 Watts
· Maximum Energy Dissipation: 612 Joules
· Grounded Outlets: 3 - Accepts Polarized Plugs
· USB Ports: 2 USB-A
· USB Ports (Shared Power): 10W, 5V, 2.1A Maximum
· Max. Spike Voltage: 6kV, Max. Peak Spike Current: 3kV
· Surge Protected Indicator: Green LED
· Power Plug: Folding, 3 Prong (Grounded), Non-Polarized

Product Dimensions (approximate): 2.3"W x 4.3"H x 1.4"D

Product Weight: 5oz


"The Accell Home or Away Power Station is a practical product that provides both convenience and protection for your valuable electronics. The integrated USB charging ports offers additional value and extended capability." Kevin Nakano, LA Audio File Read Review

"Have you ever been traveling with tech friends and found that your hotel with two or three outlets was simply not enough to handle the massive charging requirements you had? The Accell travel surge protector with dual USB charging ports can help you out considerably. Itís one of the most useful travel tech gadgets Iíve run across..." Paul King, Pocketables.com Read Review

"The Accell Home or Away Power Station is a accessory to have when traveling. It turns one plug into 3 outlets and 2 USB ports." Ben Oaks, Gizmofusion.com Read Review

"The Power Station gives me plenty of options for what I need to connect, while ensuring that I can easily take it with me in any bag. It also charges my tablet and phone at a consistent power draw that I didnít notice my devices run out of battery power any quicker than the normal AC outlet." Jeremy Meiss, Landoftechnology.com Read Review

"To accommodate the high current needs of the laptops, tablets and some cell phones, the travel device has 3 outlets that are both surge protected and three prong grounded. This allows for all the transformers to plugged in at one time and supply charging with use for up to 5 devices at once." Diane Chatterjee, Mandetech.com Read Review

"I've been traveling with it in my computer bag for a few weeks and have tried it out in hotel rooms and lobbies, and find itís become indispensable. Itís a fist-size device that plugs into a single outlet and can charge three devices with their AC chargers and two USB devices directly, including an iPad." Phil Baker, Technology Correspondent Read Review
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