UltraAV® DisplayPort to VGA Active Adapter

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Easily Connects a DisplayPort Supported PC to a VGA Enabled HDTV, Monitor or Projector.

The UltraAV DisplayPort to VGA active adapter enables the connection of your DisplayPort supported computer to a VGA (HD-15) supported monitor or other VGA display. It supports VGA analog resolutions of up to 1920x1200 (WUXGA), 60Hz and is simple to setup and easy to use.

DisplayPort to VGA (HD-15) Active Adapter

Connect the DisplayPort (male) end of the connector to your computer and plug your existing VGA cable from the monitor into the VGA (female) adapter. Setup is complete, no software required. The active circuitry built into the DisplayPort to VGA cable adapter seamlessly converts the DisplayPort’s video signal into a crystal clear VGA video signal. The latching DisplayPort connector keeps the adapter securely in-place.

This Active DisplayPort to VGA adapter requires no external power. It is designed to use the power provided through the DisplayPort connection. The power-saving standby mode is initiated through the DisplayPort source or based on the monitor’s status, which is automatically detected by the adapter. Standby mode reduces power consumption when the adapter is not in use and is ideal for energy conservation.

Please note, this Active adapter supports 3 monitor display configurations powered by AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display technology.

AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display Validated

This validation is awarded only to those products that have undergone extensive synthetic and real-world testing. This process helps ensure an optimal experience when using AMD Eyefinity Technology.

DisplayPort to VGA (HD-15) Active Adapter

· Connect a DisplayPort Enabled Computer to a VGA (HD-15) Monitor, TV or Projector
· Active adapter with integrated 10-bit, 162 MHz Video DAC Delivers Clear VGA Output
· Automatic Sink Detection and Standby Mode for Energy Conservation
· Features a Locking DisplayPort Connector for a Secure Connection

Features are subject to the capabilities of the computer and graphics solution.

UltraAV Adapters Feature Superior Construction

Accell UltraAV DisplayPort to VGA adapter offers superb performance and reliability. Manufactured to the latest DisplayPort and VGA specifications, this cable is engineered using advanced active cable technology for the highest performance and quality.

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Warranty: 2-Year Replacement

Q. My Accell DisplayPort adapter was working great until recently when I began experiencing a flashing or blank screen. What should I do?

A. Please try to recall if you have made any recent video card driver updates. Usually when adapter fails to respond, it's often caused by an unsuccessful driver installation or incompatible driver version. We recommend users to restore their video card driver back to the factory default setting. If a new video card driver is desired, please re-install the new driver again by completely uninstall the older version. Rewriting the driver without uninstalling the previous version may cause problems when using our adapter. Please note that the performance of the DisplayPort adapter is subject to capabilities of the computer and graphics solution.

Please note: Forcing VSYNC on your display in the driver settings may help eliminate this issue.

For adapter PN B101B-003B, please check your DisplayPort adapter to ensure it has the current firmware version 1.40. The adapter should have a label on the cable calling out the firmware version number. You can update your firmware version by clicking here.

Q. My DisplayPort to VGA Adapter is not detected by my computer when connected.

A. Many Accell DisplayPort adapters are AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display validated. They are able to meet all driver versions up to date. However, if for any reason the current driver version does not work with our adapter, we suggest to install driver version 11.6 or earlier. Please visit the link here to go to AMD support site for a list of all previous Catalyst display drivers for Windows. Please make sure you completely remove the current driver version (uninstall) before you install another driver version.

Q. When using an Accell DisplayPort adapter, my computer is unable to detect my third monitor or my third monitor doesn't display an image. What should I do?

A. There are several reasons why your monitor is not getting a signal. We recommend the following- Disconnect the first two monitors, leaving the third monitor connected to the Accell DisplayPort adapter. Re-starting your PC should enable the monitor to begin working. Once the monitor is working, re-connect the rest of the monitors. Go to "Display" properties in Windows and confirm all monitors are properly detected. Make sure all monitors are shown with the correct brand name and model number.

Q. I am unable to reach the maximum supported resolution of 1920x1200, what should I do?

A. First, please ensure your monitor is capable of supporting 1920x1200 resolution. The Accell DisplayPort to VGA adapter is plug and play device and does not require driver downloand. We recommend to update your video card's driver to the latest version by visiting your video card's manufacturer website.

Q. How do I obtain replacement for this product?

A. To obtain an RMA, please click here. Please refer to the Warranty Returns Procedure at the bottom of the page and follow the steps provided. Please download and fill out the RMA Request Form and email to support@accellcables.com with a copy of your dated sales receipt.

For other inquires regarding this product, please email support@accellcables.com

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BizLink Reference Part Number: KS10031-131 Rev A4-2.2 FW 1.3
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